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Exam skills: 6 more tips to help with your speaking exams

We know that speaking English in an exam situation can be scary, but if you've done your preparation you'll know what to expect. But once the test begins what more can you do? Maybe our top tips will help…

Firstly, it might sound obvious, but listen to the examiner. Some candidates talk too much. Others don't say enough. If the examiner wants to start a different stage of the test they may use words like: fine, good, right, ok, now - so listen carefully!

If you don’t understand the examiner's questions or instructions, ask them to repeat or clarify. Make sure you revise the language to do this before the speaking test.

Remember to do exactly what is asked. One task in the test might be to compare and contrast two pictures, make sure you do that. Don't simply describe them.

As with all exams, timing is important. Before the test, make sure you know the structure of the exam and how long you have for each part. You need to check your timing throughout the exam and pace yourself so that you don't run out of steam too early!

When speaking, remember to use language that is appropriate for your level – but don't try to oversimplify it. Speak naturally with a variety of intonation. 

Finally, during the exam, you must be ready to talk and to take the initiative whenever the opportunity arises. Think about your pronunciation, intonation, the accuracy of your grammar, the range of vocabulary and maintaining the flow of the discussion.

Focus on these things – be confident – and all will go well. Good luck!

scary - frightening
examiner – tester
stage - period
revise - reconsider
contrast - compare
pace oneself – do something at a slow and steady rate
steam - energy
appropriate - suitable
intonation – speech pattern
arise – become apparent
accuracy – correctness
range - reach
maintain - keep

Source: BBC Learning English

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